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Elaboration and Obtention of Sectoral Permits


> Industrial qualification.
> Safe and Sanitary health report.
> Drinkable water.
> Sewerage.
> Food Services.
> Waste.


> Before MINVU (Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs) and SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service).


> Before the Directorate of Municipal Works.

*The services described here are just a part of the big range of what we can offer.

Elaboration and Obtention of
Sectoral Permits


> Industrial qualification.
> Safe and Sanitary health report.
> Drinkable water.
> Sewerage.
> Food Services.
> Waste.


> Before MINVU (Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs) and SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service).


> Before the Directorate of Municipal Works.

*The services described here are just a part of the big range of what we can offer.

Mario Cortés

Business Development Manager

Mario Cortés is an Industrial Civil Engineer from Universidad de los Andes. He has more than 10 years of experience leading and developing commercial and project areas in the mining sector in national and international companies.

Mario has participated in important equipment supply projects for large-scale mining companies and has managed manufacture contracts, showing an outstanding strategic capacity, managing business risks and focused on the comprehensive progress of projects, areas and companies in which he has participated, focused on personal relationships and customer compliance. Currently Mario is a Business Development Manager, responsible of opening new markets and looking for synergies with other national and international companies in products and services.

Carlos Rivero

Accounting Analyst

Carlos Rivero is a Public Accountant graduated from the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA), has more than 20 years of experience in the Administration and Accounting area, preparing and interpreting Financial Statements.

Focused on the fulfillment of challenging and innovative projects where he can add value through his experience and at the same time obtain new knowledge and skills that allow him to develop as a professional and as a person standing out for being responsible and committed to what he does.

Noé Guzmán


Noé Guzmán is an Environmental Biologist from the Universidad de Chile, with a Master's degree in Biological Sciences, from the same institution. He has more than 5 years of experience in scientific research, environmental surveys and in the execution of mitigation plans for low mobility species. The main expertise obtained from him to date is focused on environmental pre-feasibility studies, characterization, plans for controlled disturbance, relocation and monitoring of species.

His great initiative, his responsibility and dynamism, are the abilities that stand out for him to be able to generate ideas for solving problems and obtain a great adaptation to the different contexts where he is.

Eduardo Morales

Project Engineer

Eduardo Morales is a Renewable Natural Resources Engineer from the Universidad de Chile, with a high capacity for analysis around the evaluation of projects and research in natural resources sciences. He has experience in preparing main chapters and sectoral environmental permits for the processing of Environmental Impact Statements, mainly associated with projects in the energy sector (photovoltaic parks and electrical substations). He, in turn, has experience in making estimates of atmospheric emissions and in geospatial analysis using remote sensing and GIS techniques.

The fulfillment of the objectives is one of the main focuses of him, based both on his own development and in a collaborative way, always fully complying with his responsibilities.

Camila Barrientos


Camila Barrientos is an Architect from the Universidad Mayor, has 9 years of experience in the development of architecture projects, sector permits and the environment. Camila has led different project coordination teams for procedures before different organizations, both public and private, and has also participated in consultancies on legal matters, review and execution of works.

Thanks to his knowledge, assertiveness and commitment, she can to successfully meet the company’s proposed objectives.

Cristóbal Alarcón

Project Manager

Cristóbal Alarcón is a Structural Civil Engineer with a Master in Engineering Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, standing out for his leadership, teamwork skills and analytical capacity. He has 8 years of experience in consulting and designing infrastructure projects, both in the real estate area and in the port and industrial area. He has worked as a structural engineer in design of various types and as a project manager, participating in the design and coordination of different specialties and subcontracts for projects throughout Chile and abroad. Experience in leadership of multidisciplinary teams, relationship with clients and suppliers; and project management, planning and control.

His experience in structural engineering projects includes design of steel structures, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, port terminals, piloted structures, catchment and discharge projects, floating structures, diagnosis and structural repairs, experimental analysis of structures, modeling and linear analysis/nonlinear of structures, seismically isolated structures, seismic behavior of reinforced concrete walls.

Lucas Varela

Project Engineer

Lucas Valenzuela is an Environmental Engineer from Instituto Profesional DUOC UC, stands out for its adaptability, always ready to face any challenge. He has joined us doing his internship and now develops as a Project Engineer, focusing his experience on the elaboration and processing of environmental projects.

Margarita Lisperguer

Project Coordinator

Margarita Lisperguer is an environmental engineer from the Professional Institute of Duoc UC. She has two years of experience advising on regulatory, sanitary and environmental compliance, as well as on the management of household and industrial waste. Margarita has worked in activities related to the Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry System (PRTRs) and in analyzing and processing data on waters and soils, with their respective field and laboratory reports, in order to ensure quality control.

Fernanda Santander

Cartographer Coordinator

Fernanda Santander is a geomatic cartographer from the Metropolitan Technological University, with three years of experience in the graphic registry of the complexities and strengths of different territories. During the last two years, Fernanda has dedicated herself to teaching the Cartography and Photogrammetry module at “San Agustín” Technical Training Center and at mentoring students from her alma mater in the project: “Implementation of the Territorial Information System Web to optimize the management and the tree coverage of the General Cemetery of Santiago”.

Ismael Martínez


Ismael has a degree in Archaeology from the Universidad de Chile and a degree in Art and Restoration from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. As an expert in conservation and restoration, Ismael has specialized in the preservation of archaeological, paleontological and rock art materials, both from scientific projects and projects within the framework of SEIA (The environmental impact assessment system). He has more than 15 years of experience in the analysis of archeological and paleontological fauna, taphonomy, photography, scientific illustration, museology and scientific dissemination projects. Ismael is currently the professional in charge of the conservation of archaeological materials in Mankuk.

Héctor Velásquez

Chief Archaeologist

Héctor Velásquez is an archaeologist and historian from Universidad de Chile, with more than twenty-two years of experience in heritage consulting throughout the national territory. In the last fifteen years, Hector has specialized as a consultant archaeologist for projects within the frame of the SEIA (Environmental Assessment System). In his broad experience, he has been in charge of superficial and subsurface archaeological characterization projects, archaeological rescue assignments, management plans and enhancements, as well as monitoring teams during the construction phase of different projects.

Hector leads the Mankuk archaeology and heritage area.

Sebastián Prado

Project Manager

Sebastián is an environmental engineer with over twelve years of experience in environmental issues. His specialty is the biotic environment. He has developed projects in different areas such as mining, energy, and transmission.

Sebastián stands out for his responsibility and commitment. Along with his planning skills and target oriented approach, his empathy and passion for what he does make him an element of great value for our company.

Edgar Villalobos


Edgar has a degree in Architecture from Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. His experience lies in more than thirteen years managing and elaborating architectural projects, municipal procedures and development and technical inspection of works, advice, preparation and processing of files, IFC (Feasibility Report for Constructions), complemented with the development of green areas and construction projects, for both public and private sectors. Edgar’s areas of expertise are mining, energy, and industry, among others.

Mirtha Peña


Mirtha has a degree in Geography from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is a key collaborator in our organization, not only because of her great social skills, but also because she has extensive experience in the application of tools for geographic information systems (GIS), mainly for the preparation of thematic maps and territorial analysis, as well for the elaboration of baselines and other specific procedures in the area.

Thanks to her great learning capacity, Mirtha skillfully shares her knowledge with the rest of the team when required.

Victoria Montoya


Victoria has a wide variety of knowledge and formal studies in archaeology, cultural heritage, ecology, and environmental sciences. Her specialization is directly related to forensic archaeology, carrying out assessments in various projects linked to human rights, damage to cultural heritage, and identification of human bones.

Victoria is also certified as an autonomous scuba diver by the Chilean Navy, so naturally she has successfully led prospecting projects for underwater archaeological heritage. The foregoing only enhances the experience acquired in the coordination and supervision of other environmental impact study projects, highlighting her innate interest in the continuous improvement of the methodologies implemented in her work.

Paulina Medina

Environmental Project Engineer

Paulina is an environmental engineer from Universidad Andrés Bello. She focuses her experience on collaborative and efficient projects development, through the coordination and leadership of projects related to photovoltaic energy, productive industrials, and electric substations.

The processing of sectorial permits is a skill that she has strengthened throughout her career, as well as the preparation of main chapters in environmental impact statements, and estimates of atmospheric emissions. Paulina is an impeccable professional when executing her responsibilities.

Nicolás Antillo

Civil Project Engineer

Nicolas is a civil engineer from Universidad de Santiago and has a wide background managing the different processes of the consulting firm, such as project planning, proposals elaboration, processing of sectorial permits, interpretation of laws and regulations in force. His area of specialization is highly complex hydrology and sanitation projects, such as the processing of drinking water and sewage permits for the mining sector, construction of green areas with technical irrigation systems for parks and real estate projects, as well as projects for slaughter facilities of different industrial sectors. He has worked in different productive, mining, cultural and health industries.

Nicolas has high executive skills that allow successful results in his work.

Nicolás Ruano

Coordinating Archaeologist

Nicolas is an archeologist from the SEK International University. He has more than ten years of experience as an archaeologist, and his specialization is in the coordination of projects in archaeological grounds, in various contexts, and throughout Chile.

He has successfully led surveys of monitoring, characterization and rescue of archaeological sites. Thanks to his curiosity to learn more about the archaeoastronomy of pre-Hispanic cultures, he has been maintaining continuous training in his areas of interest. His high analysis capability allows him to make quick decisions that can be implemented on time and thus empower our entire company.

Pamela Valenzuela

Project Coordinator

Pamela has a degree in Environmental Engineering from Andrés Bello University. Her experience includes a focus in renewable energies, a broad involvement leading environmental assessment and consulting projects, with strong knowledge in elaborating impact statements, relevant consultations, sectorial permits, and other procedures in both public and private organizations.

Within the team, Pamela has excellent adaptability and quick analysis skills, which lead her to the successful accomplishment of her objectives.

Nicole González

Project Manager

Nicole is a geographer from Universidad de Chile and has several studies in development, poverty, and territory, which allows her to act on socio-environmental issues with ownership and experience.

Nicole stands out for her complete and rigorous work to integrate the social and communitarian spheres with the physical-natural components. Her knowledge of the sectorial permits processing, environmental impact declarations, and other related procedures allows her to successfully complete the projects entrusted to her.

Nicolás Villarroel

Project Coordinator

Nicolás is a civil engineer from Playa Ancha University and his experience includes coordinating and leading projects related to environmental impact statements, permit processing, and specifically on atmospheric emissions and integral waste projects. He is actively involved in preparing the relevance queries (consultas de pertinencia) and other procedures related to sectors like renewable energy, other types of energy, and manufacturing.

The experience that Nicolás has acquired in his participation on the field allows him to be up to date with the different management tasks required to deliver quality results on time.

Paz Arratia

Project Manager

Paz is a geographer from the Universidad de Chile and has specialized throughout her career in environmental compliance management. She has been contributing with her knowledge to the development and supervision in elaborating baselines, pre-feasibility reports and project evaluation, among others related to project administrative processes. Also, Paz has experience in group facilitation. She has been an instructor in disaster risk management and physical components of the territory. Her motivation to achieve the set goals motivates the rest of the organization and it reflects on her teamwork.

Alexander von Frey

Managing Partner

Alexander is a co-founding partner of Mankuk. A civil engineer from Universidad de Chile. He has more than 16 years of experience leading environmental consultancy projects for the private industry and state-owned enterprises, in areas such as mining and energy.

Alexander has led countless projects related to archaeological management, environmental impact studies and statements, processing of sectorial permits, and engineering projects associated with sanitation, irrigation, and hydraulic projects. Alexander’s great leadership capacity allows him to deliver technical, environmental, and managerial solutions for the development of the projects entrusted to him, bringing great energy to the team. Today, Alexander plays a fundamental role as partner and managing director of Mankuk, providing direct support to clients throughout the different stages of project development.

Cristóbal Medina

Gerente de Administración y Finanzas

Cristóbal es Ingeniero Civil de Industrias de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile con más de 13 años de experiencia en áreas de Control de Gestión y Finanzas, abarcando la coordinación de presupuestos corporativos, informes de cierres de control de gestión, proyecciones de caja, Balance Scorecard, manejo de tesorería, recursos humanos y operaciones.

Cuenta con un manejo de Inglés avanzado, conocimientos de SAP, Softland (ERP), Manager (ERP) y cursos de Especialización en Finanzas, IFRS, Reforma Tributaria, Legislación Laboral Vigente y Balance Scorecard, todos Realizados en la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile y además de la realización de un taller de formación emprendedora y de innovación para el desarrollo de ideas de negocios en el prestigioso Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey en México (2019).

Marta Aguilera

Senior Project Manager

Marta is a lawyer from Unversidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She has more than seven years of experience in environmental consulting and legal advisory projects, six of those years being part of Mankuk’s team.

Her areas of specialization include environment, corporate, real estate and immigration law, for energy industry, and mining sectors, among others. Marta stands out for her leadership skills when managing and supervising her work teams. She and her work teams are very successful at accomplishing the set goals in every project.

Mattías Arcos


Mattías Arcos is one of our administrative assistants, with three years of experience in customer service and in different administrative functions, both in Human Resources and at direct contact and communication with Mankuk’s clients. Mattías has been part of our team since 2018 and supports us in all administrative and organizational arrangements.

María José López

Logistics & Operations Assistant

María José López is a bilingual executive assistant graduated from Manpower Technical Training Center. She has experience in the organization, coordination, and execution of the requirements coming from the operational and administrative areas of the different companies. She has a great relational ability that enables her to solve the day-to-day situations that might come up.

María Eliza Valdés


María-Eliza Valdés is a geographer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has three years of experience at teaching physical geography and geographic information systems. She also participates in research activities, highlighting her collaboration in research projects related to coastal fog ecosystems in northern Chile. Maria Eliza did her professional internship at the Ministry of National Assets, performing management and standardization activities of territorial information in the IDE Chile (The Geospatial Data Infrastructure) of the National Coordination System for Territorial Information.

In Mankuk she has collaborated with several professionals creating cartographies and other territorial information inputs, and has also worked in the preparation of environmental characterizations for Environmental Impact Statements.

Katherine Ramírez

Project Manager

Katherine has a degree in environmental engineering from DuocUC and has vast experience in the application of environmental regulations, in different audits of environmental management systems, quality studies and processing of permits for projects involving waste management.

Katherine has a vision about her projects that focuses on exceeding the expected results, always thinking about the success of the projects.

Karlianis Muñoz

Ingeniero de Proyectos Medio Ambiente

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Ivo Yuricevic

Project Coordinator

Ivo, an anthropologist from Universidad de Concepción, has dedicated an important part of his career to protect the country’s cultural heritage, both archeological and historical; and to all the different scopes of the environmental impact assessments. Ivo has the experience that can only be given by field work.

He has participated in diverse projects that include archeological prospecting, monitoring of excavations and land movements, the rescue of archeological and historical sites, identification of human remains, and the administrative processes which are involved. His ability to analyze his environment quickly in order to take efficient decisions is one of his great attributes.

Javiera Guzmán

Legal Coordinator

Javiera is a Lawyer from Universidad del Desarrollo with a wide experience in environmental and corporate matters. She has extensive knowledge in legal proceedings at different instances; also, she knows the requirements to submit legal solutions for any project where they are needed. Being part of the internal team, she is well known for her prompt responses.

Ignacio Mora

Project Coordinator

Ignacio is a chemical civil engineer from Universidad de Concepción. He stands out for the high analysis capacity he brings in the projects entrusted to him. This enables him to foresee high-pressure processes and get ahead of them. Ignacio has extensive experience leading and coordinating projects in areas such as the production industry, energy, and biodigesters. He is proactive and has wide adaptability, which allows him to overcome challenges successfully.

Gabriel Palma

Civil Projects Engineer

Gabriel is a civil engineer from Universidad de Santiago. He is an expert in structural projects, hydraulic and sanitary works, and the geometric development of road works. His innate curiosity allows him to incorporate several skills into his work, such as being able to anticipate and define resources, stages, and diverse variables for the success of a project.

He is directly involved in ensuring the compliance with current regulations and standards issued by the different relevant bodies.

Francisca Maldonado

Archaeology student

Francisca holds a BA in Archaeology from SEK International University. Within her solid career, we can find a broad spectrum at coordination, management, and supervision of projects and their operations.

Francisca brings a wide, fresh and avant-garde perspective. One of her great skills is to effectively determine the phases and/or stages necessary for optimal results.

Francisca Gómez

Environmental Project Engineer

Francisca is an environmental engineer from Universidad de Santiago, she has vast experience in the elaboration of baselines, chapters, environmental monitoring, and other processes needed in the filing of environmental impact statements and other sectorial permits.

Francisca has a unique approach to respond accurately to the requirements of each project.

Felipe Ortega

Administration and HR Chief

Felipe Ortega is a technician in Business Administration from Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP. He has nine years of experience in administration, accounting and human resources. He knows how to run Laudus ERP software. Felipe joined Mankuk in 2012 and has carried out activities related to the financial procedures of the company, following the strategies, regulations, and policies of the organization. He has also been responsible of ensuring compliance with current legislation for Mankuk’s key areas.

Loreto Rojas

Senior Project Manager

A geographer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with a broad experience in territorial planning, environmental assessment, and geographic information systems. She has actively participated in leading, coordinating, and supervising complex hydrology projects, fire assessment, environmental impact statements, and processing of sectorial permits for private and public organizations.

Her great charisma, optimism, and enthusiasm make Loreto a key member when it comes to overcoming the challenges, we face every day.

Cristóbal Leiva

Jefe de Proyectos

Cristóbal es Geógrafo de la Universidad de Chile con 11 años de experiencia y además posee un postítulo en Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA).

Cristóbal se ha especializado en la coordinación y gestión ambiental de proyectos en las áreas de la minería, energía e industria con manejo en planificación territorial, la evaluación ambiental y los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG). Posee amplia experiencia en la asesoría ambiental, definición de estrategias y revisión de proyectos como también en la preparación de antecedentes para trámites medioambientales.

Su perseverancia y profesionalismo hacen de Cristóbal un profesional de excelencia que gracias a su carisma y responsabilidad le permiten cumplir los objetivos propuestos en cada proyecto que se desempeña.

Cristobal Aguilera

Project Coordinator

Cristobal has a degree in Geography from Universidad de Chile. He stands out for his responsibility and commitment to fulfilling his objectives. He has extensive experience related to Geographic Information Systems and socio-cultural-economic issues.

His flawless work and excellent handling of spatial information for mapping and territorial analysis allows him to deliver outstanding and accurate results.

Cristian Espinoza

Supervisor de Terrenos

Cristian Espinoza es uno de nuestros asistentes Administrativos, forma parte de nuestro equipo desde el 2018 y se desempeña realizando labores administrativas, logísticas y operacionales. Cristian, también es un importante apoyo para nuestras acciones en terreno con la finalidad de otorgar un trabajo eficaz y óptimo.

Constanza Lucero

Staff Lawyer

Constanza Lucero is a lawyer from Universidad de Chile with two years of experience providing legal advice to both individuals and organizations, regarding commercial, civil and corporate matters. Constanza has worked in several labor challenges, standing out for her performance as a corporate lawyer for mining engineering companies, and as a legal advisor at the Chamber of Deputies, where she was able to be part of the legislative process, such as the Law Nº 20.551 amendment and the Short Distribution Law.

Javiera Demele


An archaeologist from SEK University, Javiera has great and solid experience in the management and development of environmental impact studies projects, safeguarding and protection of archaeological sites. She also has an excellent command of different methodologies such as: prospecting, monitoring, excavations, and information surveys in the field, among others. Her collaborative spirit allows her to share experiences with other areas to complement the results of a project.

Álvaro Herrera

Civil Projects Engineer

Álvaro is a civil engineer from Universidad Santiago de Chile, with vast experience in matters related to the elaboration and processing of high complexity water projects as well as structural and administrative assignments.

Alvaro has a high-level knowledge in the development and supervision of sanitation projects and their processing in the competent public and private entities. His outstanding leadership together with his knowledge, make him a great professional who is able to identify the best solutions to meet the objectives.

Elizabeth Osses

Risk Prevention Engineer

Elizabeth Osses is a risk prevention engineer from the Professional Institute Duoc UC. She has six years of experience in Health and Safety Management Systems, and audits of the Integrated Management System of Quality and Environment.

Elizabeth has been a risk prevention advisor in important projects and challenges, both in the public and private sectors, standing out for her extensive knowledge of the Chilean law on Occupational Health and Safety standards. She is currently in charge of the field management and documentation in monitoring, prospection, rescues, and archeological sounding activities.

Miguel Burgos

Senior Project Manager

Miguel is an environmental engineer and holds a master degree in environmental sciences from Universidad Santiago de Chile. He has more than fourteen years of experience in participating, leading, coordinating, and supervising sanitation and environmental projects, permits processing, and issues related to highly complex projects in the areas of waste of all kinds, regulatory compliance control, and environmental rating solutions. Miguel is a professional who stands out for his commitment and excellent relationship with his clients and the entire Mankuk team which, combined with his professional qualifications, make him a key member for us.

Alexis Barría Velásquez

Chief Risk Prevention

Alexis is a risk prevention engineer with more than 11 years of professional experience. He has worked in various industries such as mining, construction, energy, and food.

His sharp knowledge of the Chilean law on Occupational Health and Safety standards, makes him a skillful and versatile professional when facing the different challenges, he has to deal with. Several public entities such as: Metro de Santiago, Aguas Andinas and Codelco, as well as private clients such as: AES Gener and ENEL have validated his technical capabilities.

Alexis has technical knowledge in project management software such as: Wise Follow and Gescon. In addition to his teamwork, communication and resilience skills, he has analytical and conflict management capabilities and a strong achievement orientation to reach his goals and objectives to the highest standards.

Victoria Larraín


Victoria Larraín is an archaeologist from Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia de Mexico and has a BA in History from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has more than ten years of experience in social sciences, standing out for her field work in El Pañhú archaeological site and “La Bocana del Río Copalita”, both performed in Mexico, and for her collaboration in several archaeological rescues in Chile. Victoria has worked in osteological analysis, geographic information systems, archaeological drawing, paleography, 16th and 17th centuries. She is known for being a versatile and proactive professional, with a deep interest in the history from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Jessenia Domínguez

Logistics & Operations Coordinator

Jessenia is our executive secretary. She has more than 14 years of experience solving the most complex requirements that might come up from management. She has a broad domain of the processes in which our consulting firm participates.

She has a high capacity for adaptability and analysis, as well as a vast knowledge in the use of productivity tools, documentation, file systems and management control.

Mauricio Compagnon

Managing Partner

Mauricio is an industrial civil engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is a co-founding partner of Mankuk, with over 15 years of experience in consulting and developing environmental services for large-scale mining, energy and transportation projects, among other industries. Mauricio has a comprehensive and detailed perspective of the environmental requirements that capital investment projects are forced to comply with. His expertise and skills allow him to make accurate recommendations in the precise moment.

Currently, Mauricio has a key role in the administration and commercial management areas of Mankuk. He leads work teams dedicated to the study of bids and preparation of proposals. He participates directly as Consulting Manager for the different projects of the company.