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Construction of the urban park in Cerro Grande will begin in 2020

The first stage of the facility will have 88 hectares in which hiking and trekking trails, viewpoints, bathrooms, offices, parking lots and children's games, among other services, will be enabled.

The Seremi of Housing and Urban Planning, Hernán Pizarro, reported that the design for the construction of the urban park in Cerro Grande de La Serena has already been completed, with which this initiative would be ready to be tendered and begin its construction during the next anus.

The government representative specified that to date all that remains is to process the RS, which is the favorable recommendation granted by the Ministry of Social Development. “We should have that in these weeks. Then we have to put out a tender and we want to start the works in 2020,” he pointed out.

The authority pointed out that for more than a year they worked on this process that involved 4 citizen participations, where the concept they wanted for the facility and the equipment it would have were defined.

In its first stage, 88 hectares will be intervened in the south-west sector, which resulted in a total estimated investment of 4.3 billion pesos.

The design includes, among its complementary works, a Master Plan for the correct circulation of rainwater, urban planning designs, public spaces, green areas, landscaping, bicycle circuit works, observation trails for trekking, with hiking trails. medium height and summit routes, with thematic stations, services and development of spaces with universal accessibility, as well as areas for environmental research and dissemination.

“In the citizen participation we picked up the theme of recreation and sports, so that it is a place that involves the family,” said the seremi, who also added that “it is designed as a metropolitan park, because it would involve La Serena and Coquimbo.”

Likewise, Pizarro stressed that special care will be taken to maintain the flora and fauna of the sector, avoiding interventions that affect this natural habitat. “It will be done respecting the environment and the landscape, that is why the native flora will be maintained, we will not bring trees or plants that are not endemic.”

In fact, he specified, rather than adding iron and cement, “we are going to enable a space so that its full potential can be enjoyed, but from a very sustainable and ecological perspective.”

It is estimated that the total construction will last 18 months “so by the end of 2021 we should already be delivering the first stage,” emphasized the regional authority.

Source: El Día newspaper

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